Save time with Automated On-boarding

Verify all your workforce and agency staff with technology built around Dfe and Ofsted requirements to ensure Safeguarding children, Schools & Nurseries.

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Know who you’re employing - Safeguarding children

Llama.Id enables you to screen and on-board all staff that need to meet safeguarding criteria. Our system will ensure the right checks are completed in line with Dfe and oftsted.

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Screen Staff

Invite your candidate to complete the relevant checks with Teacheir's automated process.

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Connect Agencies

Receive verified profiles from your recruitment agencies, to ensure they are compliant.

Safeguarding technology | Safeguarding children ,enhanced dbs check

Central Record

Store all verified profiles in an ofsted ready online central record. Ready to extract.

Requesting checks in one place - Safeguarding children

To request checks for a member of staff, simply select the position and enter their name and email and invite them to register with Llama.Id. We will send a request for them to register and complete all relevant checks. You will be informed once completed, so you can verify the documentation on record in person and sign the profile. 

Ensuring organizations are compliant

Our research shows that Schools are often left worrying about the information they receive from agencies about the checks completed. By using Teacheir, agencies can instantly share verified profiles to illustrate they have completed all checks.

Upon receipt of a verified profile, written confirmation is received from the agency and stored in your online central record.  


Pricing - Safeguarding children

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Teacheir - Contact us for Pricing

The membership gives Schools and Recruitment agencies access to unlimited profile check requests and storage, with a discounted rate for Enhanced DBS Checks. (Introductory offer)

Safeguarding technology | Safeguarding children ,enhanced dbs check

Enhanced DBS Checks £46.00

When your organization becomes a Teacheir member, we provide you with the UK's best priced service for Enhanced DBS checks ( +Barred list check). There is minimum limit to the checks you request.

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