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Llama.Id enables organizations to automate all safeguarding checks in one solution and provides staff with safeguarding passports that are portable! Share & Verify

#1 Safeguarding technology Solution

Llama ID enables Schools and Recruitment agencies to seamlessly check their staff and share records to provide a leading safeguarding solution for the Education Sector.

enhanced dbs check

Invite Staff

Invite your candidate to complete the relevant checks with Teacheir's automated process.

Safeguarding technology | Safeguarding children ,enhanced dbs check

Complete Checks

Llama ID will ensure all checks are completed to enable you to verify their profile and documentation

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Store and Share

Share verified profiles with organizations to de-risk the screening process and keep Schools safe

The first centralised database

Llama ID provides organizations the ability to view all checks that have been completed on a candidate by other organizations. Checks are completed in-line with Dfe’s safeguarding process to ensure there is no risk to Schools.

More Features

enhanced dbs check

DBS Checks

Enhanced DBS + Barred list checks. with a leading price £46.00 per check. No Minimum order

Safeguarding technology | Safeguarding children ,enhanced dbs check

Bio Identity

Our Bio-metric technology ensures they are who they say they are with ease.

recruitment | recruitment

Share Secure

Share profiles with your Organization to take safeguarding to a new standard.

Safeguarding technology

Complete your safeguarding requirements

Our research shows that Schools are often left worrying about the information they receive from agencies about the checks completed. By using Llama ID, agencies can instantly share verified profiles to illustrate they have completed all checks.

Upon receipt of a verified profile, written confirmation is sent from your agency and stored in the schools online central record.  

Tasha - Recruitment Consultant

We on-boarded a Supply Teacher quickly and it enabled us to send the teachers verified profile to Schools instantly & securely.

Michael - School Business Manager

We hired a Supply Teacher and we can now verify that all required checks were completed and stored instantly in our central record.

Power of Data

Collaboration is the future for security


The membership authorizes your organization to use all the services within the software. It offers unlimited checking capacity, sharing and storage of profile. The membership also gives you access to the UK’s leading priced DBS service to request enhanced DBS checks for £46.00.

Teacheir is designed for all organizations involved in the Education Infdustry. This includes Schools, academies, recruitment agencies, Teaching support services, Education charities and more. If you want to check if your organixation is valid, please email us at

All documentation that is required to be witnessed can be completed inside Teacheir. This then provides a time stamped signature that can be visible to other organizations.

It’s simple! Send your verified profile through to another organization by sending them your candidate’s securely. When the client accepts the request, all documentation and digitally stamped signatures will be part of their database. 

Simply send a DBS check request for your selected candidate in their profile. We will take over the process from here and send a link to the candidate to submit the following information. On average it takes our candidates less than 10 minutes to complete DBS required information. 

No! The fees you see per  month provides you with access to unlimited checks and access to Enhanced DBS checks + barred list for £46.00.

All documentation is stored and accessible on the users profile. You can review all current and archived checks that have been completed on the candidate.

Llama ID has been developing to store all information in the correct format to comply with Ofsted central record requirements. We will be releasing a new feature that will enable organizations to upload their existing records into Teacheir this year.

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